Why Attend?

Are you at the beginning of your PhD study or research career in the area of operations or supply chain management? Have you found the right topic? Do you know if you have an interesting topic? Do you know where to start your research? Have you defined your “research question”? Do you know any peers that face the same challenges as yourself?


If these questions sound familiar to you, then this Summer School is the next step in your PhD study or research career. The 8th EurOMA Summer School will be a unique learning experience for anyone who has an interest in empirical research at both the operations and supply chain level. The interaction with faculty members will help students define relevant research topics and give them an opportunity to network, not only with their peers, but with leading researchers in the operations management community.


The 8th EurOMA Summer School will aim to address diverse research needs in Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM). The main objectives are:

  1. To develop a common knowledge base within the community of PhD students in operations and supply chains;

  2.  To help PhD students and young researchers in defining relevant research topics and understanding the complex and relevant links with other research streams;

  3.  To foster the development of a network of young researchers in the field of OSCM which could become a forum for exchanging ideas and building research collaboration.

The sessions will provide an overview of the knowledge and research in OSCM, and will draw on the expertise of speakers from around the world. Each one-day module will be devoted to a specific area and will feature interactive lectures, case studies, teamwork, presentations and discussions.